Designer Bio

Hello I'm Todd Patrick and welcome to my site. A little more about myself...well for starters sewing didn't come as natural as planned. My grandmother loved sewing and basically was the only one that was the creative one in the family. Making curtains and outfits for my aunts, uncle and mother, but due to cancer my grandmother passed before I could learn the easy how to tricks and sewing period. It came through me by the love of fashion. I was always interested in styling and never did it cross my mind to be a designer.I graduated from IADT in Orlando, FL in Fashion Design and Merchandising, basically a fine art bachelor's degree. During my time in college I hated sewing. It didn't come as easily as I thought, plus the other students were well advanced in sewing etc. so i felt a bit low and wanted to drop out, because I'm no quitter I stayed learned everything really on my own in my own home, because that was were I was safe, safe from judgement and safe from mistakes. I then caught on the skillset and finished college very happy, and was eager to put that damn sewing machine up and out of sight. It wasn't until I moved back home to Louisiana and found my passion again for sewing, and now im here, and would've never thought this would be my life from 2, 3 years ago. Blessed and happy at what I do. Be sure to follow my instagram (below)